amd Form



The anatomical AMD form pad is ideal for moderate-to-very-heavy urine leakage. This range comes in 7 different absorbencies. It comfortably marries both male and female forms without covering too much surface so the skin can still breathe. AMD form has built-in anti-leakage barriers which ensure optimum security and also make it suitable for those of reduced or restricted mobility. For reliable holding in place, this product should be used with a net AMD cotton fix or AMD fix disposable pant.

  • Rapid channelling with no dampness spread
  • Soft, outer layer, fabric feel
  • Reliable, accurate moisture detector
maxi ++.
Anatomical fitANATOMICAL FIT
Anatomical fit: matches forms. Guaranteed comfort and free movement.
New core conceptNEW CORE CONCEPT
Novel technology: optimum, secure absorbent patch. Liquid is immediately and completely channelled into the main pad. Performance guaranteed: keeps you dry
Anti-leakage barrierANTI-LEAKAGE BARRIER
Built-in, water-repellent anti-leakage barriers. High as these are, they guarantee optimum security.
Ultra-soft, non-woven outer layer.
Genuine fabric feel. Light, discreet protection.
Cotton feelCOTTON FEEL
Ultra-soft, non-woven, outer layer. Genuine fabric feel. Light, discreet protection.
Soft, hypoallergenic inner layer for maximum skin protection.
Dermatologically testedDERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED
All our protectors are certified “Tested under dermatological supervision” to guarantee your well-being.
Unfold the pad and halve it lengthways forming a cupped shape in the central area. The anti-leak cuffs will naturally assist, straightening up and shaping the anatomical form.
Open the amd form pad
Pass the anatomical shaped pad between the legs from front to back.
Push the adult pad between the legs
Pull up the net pant to mid-tight. Adjust the pad and pants on the front side and between the legs.
Enfiler le slip filet de maintien
Pull up the net pant and adjust it close to the crotch.
Ajuster la protection amd form