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Professional carers and health care providers

amd supports you

You have made it your job to look after the most vulnerable in society, to ensure their well-being. Every day you dedicate yourself to their comfort, to preserving the dignity of dependent elderly people who suffer from incontinence.

At AMD, we know how important your job is.
To help you as much as we can and support your work, amd offers a full, personalised care plan for the management of incontinence. This support plan is the fruit of a strong, audacious partnership with professional health care providers. A tailored service based on real solutions to meet the legitimate needs of patients, their families and care providers.


let’s get to know one another

How can we formulate a personalised, individual solution for you without understanding your situation? We conduct audits of every establishment to get an appreciation of your needs and constraints as well as the operational, care and quality targets that you have set yourselves.

These targets can be achieved through a synergy of skills, combining AMD’s expertise and permanent cooperation with your carers and managers.
Quality service is the key in partnership to reinforce the efficacy, skills and involvement of care-providers.

A team of experts

At your disposal every day

Qualified, experienced carers, trained in the care of elderly subjects, play an essential role when it comes to the effectiveness of your establishment in the management of those who suffer from incontinence.

Their jobs:

  • Seek confidential dialogue and quality care
  • Audit the organisation and care practices
  • Compile personalised protocols to maximise patient well-being and facilitate the work of the carers
  • Provide training and monitoring of staff: product characteristics and recommendations, utilisation instructions, relational approaches
  • Help integrate patients or residents’ data and management tools

 Medical experts

Finally, simple software

Manage your files with three clicks

AMD PROFIL software

Access AMD PROFIL software on-line
and manage all key points simply:

  • Manage donations and optimisation, individual or global
  • Care recommendations
  • Instant, virtual ordering via our local network (48 centres in France)
  • Budgeting
  • Detailed and global statistics
  • Library and video for carers

AMD, a different service

Results guaranteed!

In collaboration with care teams and managers, AMD proposes an effective contract to guarantee a quality care approach:

  • Optimisation of every resident’s comfort
  • Help preserve independence and continence, respect of their dignity
  • Quality care and good practices
  • Better working conditions for carers
  • Training and advice
  • Reliable, effective tools to make everyone’s work easier
  • Manage incontinence-related expenditure.